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5uper block buster - free java game download

5uper block buster, our most addictive board game, will get you hours of fun, reported by some that they just can not stop playing it. this great game

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About 5uper block buster by wapfrog.com

5uper block buster, our most addictive board game, gets you hours of fun and some reported that they can hardly stop playing it. in this great game you need to get the highest score by removing the largest blocks you can from the same color. Once you beat our minimum high-score you can submit your top score to our online hall of fame and get it rated with all our other players. Make it to the hall of fame top 5! This is the most addictive game out there - more than any board, computer or online bingo game.

How to play?

Try to remove as many blocks as possible! 5uper block buster is a cool game for young and old. Your goal is to remove as many stones as possible by clicking on groups of blocks with the same color. The larger the group the higher the score you can get for it. Sounds easy? I can tell you that it is harder than you might think... Still, smart guys and gals will solve the puzzle, get rid of all. 5uper block buster offers online high scores.

Visitor comments

My intro
Hello everyone - I am a newly registered participant on this here board so I suspect I should say a few things about myself. Well, I'm 19 years of age, a girl, and I enjoy reading maths at my university. I for sure hope chatting with you people. Bye!
EmmanuelRoosevelt2011-11-07 17:17:21
Hey i am suuper boy
Hey i am suuper boy
kimmikav2010-11-17 22:35:01
Maximum high score for 5uper block buster
The maximum high-score can be 14520 points, however, it is very unlikely, in order to get this high-score you\'ll need to remove all of the blocks on the board in one single click. The highest score so far is 3722 points, and it belongs to Donna from Ireland.
wapfrog.com team2010-09-18 16:17:20
Highest score possible
I wonder what is the highest possible score in this game, going over 4000 pts seems unlikely
ZU2010-09-17 09:46:42
See you at the top
Marvin Maloney2010-08-10 00:02:05
Extreme challenge game.
But I will try to stay as best number I hope == > 4000 :)
Mohamme Mashni2010-08-09 14:42:56
Super block buster
Doug ward2010-02-17 13:26:04
Thank you a lot for your website
Suman Sundar Sahu2009-10-27 00:19:40
i want more games on my sony ericson Z710i
alexandra2009-10-05 01:07:08
nice site
dudi amar2009-08-25 18:03:36
5uper block buster
I am obsessed with this game, I love it, thanks!!
A Pinkerton2009-08-05 13:13:56
Games jar
Action games sony ericson w580i jar 240*320
Amanpreet2009-07-10 16:50:04
you good game
aftab2009-05-11 04:38:20
download games
rock2009-05-09 04:21:19
I wish I could keep playing when I clear all the blocks, otherwise, I loved the game.
Chad M Jensen2008-12-10 19:37:07

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5Helvio BRASILGT-S5270L2074
10Eliana Nokia501572
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